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Lloyd King's Puzzles Are Top of the Line

“I like Lloyd King’s puzzles! They are challenging, creative, often very amusing, and great fun. For me, this is a 5 star puzzle collection, indeed Lloyd is a 5 star puzzler, and has been for the 20 or so years that I have known him.” - Philip Carter, world famous puzzle book author

Lloyd’s puzzles can be found at, Crea-Soft, Smart-Kit, Creative Puzzels and BrainBashers. They have appeared in OMNI, The Times, GAMES magazine and also in The Independent newspaper in an article on creativity entitled “How To Become A Genius”. Some of Lloyd’s puzzles also appeared on BBC1’s Get Smarter In A Week. There’s a bit about Lloyd and his puzzles in David Bodycombe’s book The Riddles of The Sphinx.

100 Amazing “Aha!” Puzzles

The puzzles (and answers) you’ll find in this ebook are from Lloyd’s book Amazing “Aha!” Puzzles, which contains 317 puzzles in total. If you enjoy the ebook, you’ll find instructions inside of it on buying the full book in electronic or paper format.

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