Privacy Statement for " Presents" Promotions

This Privacy Policy is an addendum to, LLC's standard Privacy Policy, and applies only to those pages with " Presents" in the upper left corner of the page. The standard Privacy Policy includes our contact information as well as information on how to opt-out of further communications from, LLC., LLC collects information from you in 2 additional ways through " Presents" promotions:

1. If you subscribe to the Newsletter on our registration forms. If you do so, we will add you to our daily e-mailing list, and store some basic information about you relating to the subscription. Per our standard Privacy Policy, we do not sell or share your information with any outside parties. You may opt-out of our Newsletter per our standard Privacy Policy.

2. By completing the registration form you enter a "reg path", which is a series of pages, maintained by a marketing partner, which show you optional offers to which you may subscribe. If you subscribe to any of the offers, your information is shared only with those companies you select. If you do not select any of the offers, your information is not shared with any of the companies, and is not sold or shared with any other parties. The privacy policy and terms & conditions for our marketing partner can be found linked at the bottom of all pages of the "reg path".

Individuals under the age of 18:

" Presents" registration forms make it clear that we do not want individuals under the age of 18 signing up for these promotions. If anyone below 18 does subscribe or is subscribed by someone else, please contact us per our standard Privacy Policy and we will unsubscribe the individual(s) and forward the information to our marketing partner so that they may also remove any subscriptions. Main Page