Review: SAT Question of the Day

By William F. Bultas

The SAT Question of the Day™ is a free service from CollegeBoard.com. You can go to (and bookmark/add to your favorites list) this page to see today's question (the page is updated with a new question every day of the year, including weekends and presumably all holidays). Also, you can sign up for their free service to receive the new question in your inbox each day. This is a truly 100% free service - not a trial offer, etc.

The nice thing about being a subscriber is that the questions are multiple choice, and you can click your answer right in the e-mail itself. You are then taken to a page that lets you know if you answered correctly or not, and provides an explantion for the answer. Another advantage to the e-mail method vs. visiting the site periodically is that the answers are available for 7 days. So if you get a few days behind, you can catch up at a later time. However, after 7 days the answers really are not available anymore (I verified this myself).

Obviously this service is of use to those practicing to take (and likely dreading) the SAT. I would think that trying the question each day for a few months prior to the test date would be an excellent prepartion method. This is likely also true even if you are studying for a different test (ACT, GRE, GMAT, ASVAB, GED, etc.), although in all cases you should probably obtain a study book for your specific test, and try a few full-length tests. Even if you are not studying for a test, these questions are good brain exercisers and refreshers. I have been a subscriber, and have found the question each day the equivalent of doing a few mental pushups. ;-) With practice you should improve. Click here to check it out.

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