Welcome to Puzz.com's 1001 Best Puzzles eBook. The character in the upper right corner of this page is the PuzzMaster, and he welcomes you to his puzzles with a happy "howdy!" The PuzzMaster (or PM, to his friends) has been kind to us, and added an additional 20 puzzles, making the total 1,021!

You don't have to download anything to enjoy the eBook... simply bookmark this page (press CONTROL D on your keyboard), or remember to type in http://www.Puzz.com/1001/ to get here.

The eBook is different from the Puzz.com site in that all of the puzzles are broken down by category. Just click the topic or topics you are interested in on the sidebar to your left to go to those puzzles. Also, the answers are individually linked for each brain teaser. You simply click a link to see the answer, and then can hit "back" on your browser or click a link by the answer to go right back to where you were. This should provide a more "user friendly" environment.

I'd like to thank Lloyd King, author and/or co-author of the books Amazing "Aha!" Puzzles, Test Your Creative Thinking, Puzzles for the High IQ and Pocket Puzzlers II: IQ Teasers, for providing the PuzzMaster, and special thanks to Tommy Smith and Paul Cooijmans for their help in designing this eBook. To get started, click a topic on the sidebar to your left, and happy puzzling!


Bill Bultas
Creator of Puzz.com