Trivia & Cryptoquotes for July, 2003

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7/31/03 Trivial Facts & Cryptoquote:

Sports - The 1962 Stanley Cup winner in NHL Hockey was the Toronto Maple Leafs coached by G. 'Punch' Imlach. The team that Toronto Maple Leafs beat that year was the Chicago Blackhawks coached by Rudy Pilous.

Movies - The 1988 movie thriller 'Hellbound: Hellraiser II', directed by Tony Randel, had the following tagline in its advertisements: 'It will tear your soul apart... again'. Appearing in the film was William Hope, Sean Chapman and Clare Higgins.

Science - Soviet Cosmonaut Yuri Gargarian was the first man in space.

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- Nplabh Bvjb Zgchlr

Cryptoquote Solution:

"I never did anything by accident, nor did any of my inventions come by accident; they came by work."

- Thomas Alva Edison

7/30/03 Trivial Facts & Cryptoquote:

TV - Following Scott Baio's feature-film debut, he appeared in the television movie "Luke Was There" and his television career was born.

Geography - The country of Italy, with the capital city of Rome, has a total area of 301,230 square kilometers, which is slightly larger than Arizona. Italy has an estimated population of 57,679,825, and uses the euro (lira, until 2002) as its currency.

Sports - The Miami Dolphins with pick number 9 in the first round of the 1990 NFL Football College Draft selected Richmond Webb, offensive tackle from Texas.

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- N Loc Tnxkowu

Cryptoquote Solution:

"Even a mirror that's not supposed to lie reflects things in reverse."

- A Zen Harvest

7/29/03 Trivial Facts & Cryptoquote:

TV - Carroll O'Connor's role on 'All in the Family' earned him four Emmy Awards and seven TV Guide covers in eight years during the shows tenure.

Music - Elvis Presley's middle name is Aaron, originally spelled "Aron" by his parents as a nod to his twin. Presley wanted it changed to the Biblical spelling.

Movies - In the Austin Powers movie Goldmember, Sean Connery was considered to play Nigel Powers and Katie Couric had a cameo appearance.

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- Euk Yuwejfw Itxkituqq (1874 - 1965)

Cryptoquote Solution:

"From now on, ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I will not put."

- Sir Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965)

7/28/03 Trivial Facts & Cryptoquote:

TV - Following the 10th season, actress Maggie Roswell, the voice of Maude Flanders, left 'The Simpsons' after the network refused to grant her a raise.

Music - In 1980, Jon Bon Jovi recorded his first single, 'Runaway', at his cousin's studio, with back-up by studio musicians. Tours opening for the Scorpions, Kiss and Judas Priest helped Bon Jovi build up a considerable fan base that appreciated the group's rugged, soulful sound.

Geography - Tunisia has Tunis as its capital city, the country is home to a population of 9,705,102, and the highest point in the country is Jebel ech Chambi at 1,544 meters. Tunisia's main form of government is considered to be a republic and its comparative size is slightly larger than Georgia.

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- Pujvgi Gfcg Aknijl (1847 - 1931)

Cryptoquote Solution:

"Restlessness is discontent and discontent is the first necessity of progress....Show me a thoroughly satisfied man and I will show you a failure....Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits."

- Thomas Alva Edison (1847 - 1931)

7/25/03 Trivial Facts & Cryptoquote:

Geography - The country of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, with the capital city of Kingstown, has a total area of 389 square kilometers, which is twice the size of Washington, DC. It has an estimated population of 115,942, and uses the dollar as its currency.

Science - The great scientist Galileo died the same year Sir Isaac Newton was born.

Sports - The Los Angeles Rams with pick number 23 in the first round of the 1990 NFL Football College Draft selected Bern Brostek, cornerback from Washington.

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- Anab Rmyanc

Cryptoquote Solution:

"Reality is a crutch for people who can't handle drugs."

- Lily Tomlin

7/24/03 Trivial Facts & Cryptoquote:

Movies - 'The Green Mile' starred Tom Hanks and a mouse named Mr. Jingles. The movie is based on a series of Steven King novellas.

TV - 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show', 'All in the Family', 'The Bob Newhart Show', and 'The Carol Burnett Show' all appeared together on the Saturday night lineup.

Sports - Todd Kelly was selected pick number 27 in the first round of the 1993 NFL College Draft by the San Francisco 49ers. He came out of Tennessee and played the defensive tackle position.

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-Wcv Nvsybv Kiicdzsld, "Cd syk Dnsbvk lg syk Myxwcpnf Jlvfi", 1928

Cryptoquote Solution:

"If an army of monkeys were strumming on typewriters, they might write all the books in the British Museum."

-Sir Arthur Eddington, "In the Nature of the Physical World", 1928

7/23/03 Trivial Facts & Cryptoquote:

Geography - The country of Peru, with the capital city of Lima, has a total area of 1,285,220 square kilometers, which is slightly smaller than Alaska. Peru has an estimated population of 27,483,864, and uses the nuevo sol as its currency.

TV - When Tori Spelling auditioned for 'Beverly Hills 90210' she used the name Tori Smith to hide that she was the produces daughter.

Music - Al Green sang in a gospel quartet with his brothers when he was nine, and at age 16 he formed the Soul Mates.

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- Aqt Cqvaguv Mortmoqhh (1874-1965)

Cryptoquote Solution:

"The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter."

- Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

7/22/03 Trivial Facts & Cryptoquote:

Sports - Denver defeated Michigan Tech for the NCAA Hockey Championship in 1960. Denver had a record that year of 27-4-3.

TV - In 1981, with a degree in hand, David Hyde Pierce (character Niles Crane on 'Frasier') moved to New York City and promptly got a job selling ties at Bloomingdales while he studied acting.

Arts - Bob Dylan makes references to Ezra Pound and T.S. Eliot in his song 'Desolation Row'.

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- Vhmgdd Zhoisgds thd Shwemw

Cryptoquote Solution:

"A man sees in the world what he carries in his heart."

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

7/21/03 Trivial Facts & Cryptoquote:

Sports - Sammy Sosa of the Chicago Cubs ranked 5th in most runs batted in for the decade of the 1990s. He knocked in a total of 825 base runners.

TV - Some of Radar's pets on 'MASH' were a rabbit, hamster, mouse, guinea pig, goat, tortoise, possum and a cockroach collection.

Movies - The 1988 Academy Awards went to the following: Best Picture - 'Rain Man', Best Actor - Dustin Hoffman / 'Rain Man', Best Actress - Jodie Foster / 'The Accused'.

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- Zqvi Zmdhhsd

Cryptoquote Solution:

"The legacy of Democrats and Republicans approaches: Libertarianism by bankruptcy."

- Nick Nuessle

7/18/03 Trivial Facts & Cryptoquote:

History - The inventor of dynamite is Alfred Nobel, of the Nobel Peace prize.

TV - As a freshman, Marion Ross (Mother Cunningham on 'Happy Days') was named the school's most outstanding actress. She kept busy in many college plays until her graduation in 1950. In 1953, Marion Ross made her big-screen debut in 'Forever Female,' where she appeared with Ginger Rogers. Marion's fame on the small screen began in 1953 when she played the Irish maid on the series 'Life With Father' for two years.

Music - B. B. King was born Riley B. King on September 16, 1925. In the late 1940s, B. B. King worked his way from the cotton fields of Mississippi to Memphis, Tennessee. Guitar Player magazine called B. B. King the world's best blues guitarist in 1970.

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- Rijizyjca

Cryptoquote Solution:

"The early bird catches the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese."

- Anonymous

7/17/03 Trivial Facts & Cryptoquote:

Geography - France has Paris as its capital city, the country is home to a population of 59,551,227, and the highest point in France is Mont Blanc at 4,807 meters. France's main form of government is considered to be a republic, and its comparative size is slightly less than twice the size of Colorado.

Movies - Gwyneth Paltrow was born in 1972 in Los Angeles, the daughter of noted film director Bruce Paltrow and Tony award-winning actress Blythe Danner.

History - The fire extinguisher was invented by French C. Hopffer in 1722.

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- T. A. Qhsa, Gvdtbjcjamtwc Zlpcltumjsv

Cryptoquote Solution:

"We cannot change anything until we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses."

- C. G. Jung, Psychological Reflections

7/16/03 Trivial Facts & Cryptoquote:

Movies - The 1949 Academy Awards went to the following: Best Picture - 'All The King's Men', Best Actor - Broderick Crawford / 'All The King's Men', Best Actress - Olivia De Havilland / 'The Heiress'.

Science - Maxime Faget was director of engineering and development for NASA from 1961 to 1981 and designed the Mercury spacecraft.

Music - Paul Simon's 'Graceland' was an enormous hit with critics and fans alike, winning two Grammy Awards-for Album of the Year and Record of the Year.

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- Zfqu Pyarpt (1935 - )

Cryptoquote Solution:

"The first time I see a jogger smiling, I'll consider it."

- Joan Rivers (1935 - )

7/15/03 Trivial Facts & Cryptoquote:

History - In the year of 1839, Louis Daguerre and J. N. Niepce invented daguerreotype photography, the bicycle was invented by Kirkpatrick Macmillan and the hydrogen fuel cell was invented in by Sir William Robert Grove.

General - Janet Reno became the first woman Attorney General of the United States and Sandra Day O'Conner was the first woman justice to serve on the US Supreme Court.

Sports - John Bagley from Boston College was selected with the 12th choice in the first round of the 1982 NBA College Draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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- Xvlry Ncviaz Avnrjj

Cryptoquote Solution:

"The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all possible worlds; and the pessimist fears this is true."

- James Branch Cabell

7/14/03 Trivial Facts & Cryptoquote:

Movies - Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones filmmaker George Lucas' daughter Katie appears as a dancer in the nightclub scene.

General - Tex Avery created Daffy Duck and helped create Bugs Bunny before helping with the Flintstones.

Sports - Scotty Bowman coached the Montreal Canadiens to the NHL's Stanley Cup Championship in 1979 over the New York Rangers coached by Fred Shero.

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-Sbqysbj Nmalwbv, Hab Ablyh'j Nqwlkx

Cryptoquote Solution:

"We do not know the true value of our moments until they have undergone the test of memory."

-Georges Duhamel, The Heart's Domain

7/11/03 Trivial Facts & Cryptoquote:

Sports - Johnny Mitchell was selected pick number 15 in the first round of the 1992 NFL College Draft by the New York Jets. He came out of Notre Dame and played the tight end position.

TV - Jay Leno is actually the 'Tonight Show's' fourth everyday host. He follows Steve Allen, Jack Paar and Johnny Carson, and is believed to have a larger chin than all 3 of the former hosts combined.

History - In the year of 1884, James Ritty invented the mechanical cash register.

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- Opfuqp Gkutyvluoqvp

Cryptoquote Solution:

"The amount of noise which anyone can bear undisturbed stands in inverse proportion to his mental capacity."

- Arthur Schopenhauer

7/10/03 Trivial Facts & Cryptoquote:

Movies - Oscar winners for 1983: Best Picture went to 'Terms Of Endearment', Shirley MaClaine won Best Actress for her role in 'Terms Of Endearment' and Robert Duvall won for Best Actor for his role in 'Tender Mercies'.

TV - Jean Stapleton, Edith Bunker on the classic TV series 'All in the Family', provided the voice of the Owl in the 1998 remake of 'Dr. Dolittle' starring Eddie Murphy.

History - In the year of 1902, Willis Carrier invented the air conditioner.

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- Onmfc Vsfa (1863 - 1947)

Cryptoquote Solution:

I am looking for a lot of men who have an infinite capacity to not know what can't be done.

- Henry Ford (1863 - 1947)

7/9/03 Trivial Facts & Cryptoquote:

History - In the year of 1896, H. O'Sullivan invented the rubber heel.

TV - Jean Stapleton appeared early in her career in supporting parts in the movies, 'Damn Yankees' and 'Bells are Ringing' only later to become the glue that kept the Bunker family together on 'All in the Family'.

Music - Jon Bon Jovi was born John Francis Bongiovi Jr. on March 2, 1962 in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. Idolizing local rising stars such as Bruce Springsteen and the Asbury Jukes, Jon was playing in clubs by the time he was 16.

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- Gdfox Kltuiou

Cryptoquote Solution:

"Early to rise and early to bed makes a male healthy, wealthy and dead."

- James Thurber

7/8/03 Trivial Facts & Cryptoquote:

TV - Besides being Goat-Boy, Jim Breuer was best known for his 'Joe Pesci Show' sketch on SNL.

Music - Jerry Lee Lewis earned another kind of fame during a tour in Great Britain in 1958, when the press discovered his wife, Myra Gale Brown, was his 13-year-old cousin. After two brief teenage marriages, Jerry Lee Lewis attended the Bible Institute in Texas, from which he was expelled for playing a blues-tinged rendition of a hymn.

History - In the year of 1968, Douglas Engelbart invented the computer mouse.

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- Tqpr Yqmm

Cryptoquote Solution:

If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs, it's just possible that you haven't grasped the situation.

- Jean Kerr

7/7/03 Trivial Facts & Cryptoquote:

History - Queen Victoria was the longest reigning British monarch, from 1837 to her death in 1901.

Movies - Oscar winners for 1995: Best Picture went to 'Braveheart', Susan Sarandon won Best Actress for her role in 'Dead Man Walking' and Nicolas Cage won for Best Actor for his role in 'Leaving Las Vegas'.

Music - The 1992 science fiction film 'Freejack' featured Mick Jagger in a lead role opposite Anthony Hopkins. In 1996, Jagger founded his own production company - Jagged Films.

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- Pzign Wzigc

Cryptoquote Solution:

You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will live in torment if you do not trust enough.

- Frank Crane

7/3/03 Trivial Facts & Cryptoquote:

Sports - Rabbit Maranville while playing for 23 years in Major League Baseball accumulated the following career stats: 2670 games played, 10078 at bats, 2605 hits, 1255 runs scored, 380 doubles, 177 triples, 28 home runs, 884 runs batted in and had a .258 lifetime batting average.

Movies - The 1988 comedy movie 'Elvira, Mistress of the Dark', directed by James Signorelli, had the following tagline in its advertisements: 'Elvira makes her Big Scream Debut in her Hot New Comedy'. Appearing in the film were Larry Flash Jenkins, Phil Rubenstein and Cassandra Peterson.

General - Lincoln was the first President whose likeness appeared on a U.S. coin. Congress honored the 100th Anniversary of Lincoln's birth by putting him on the U.S. penny, in 1909.

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-- Agrycc Xgvluycu sgc Ugiwri

Cryptoquote Solution:

Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.

-- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

7/2/03 Trivial Facts & Cryptoquote:

Sports - Michigan St. defeated Clarkson for the NCAA Hockey Championship in 1966. Michigan St. had a record that year of 16-13.

Movies - Oscar winners for 1986: Best Picture went to 'Platoon', Marlee Matlin won Best Actress for her role in 'Children Of A Lesser God' and Paul Newman won for Best Actor for his role in 'The Color Of Money'.

Music - Prince returned to the top of the charts with a bang in 1989 with the soundtrack for Tim Burton's blockbuster film Batman, released by Warner Bros.

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- Qcwhu Tzoad (1854 - 1900)

Cryptoquote Solution:

Good resolutions are simply checks that men draw on a bank where they have no account.

- Oscar Wilde (1854 - 1900)

7/1/03 Trivial Facts & Cryptoquote:

Music - Paul McCartney likely inherited his musical aptitude from his father, who played piano and trumpet. Paul McCartney was also particularly influenced by the blues and rock and roll sounds coming from America during the 1950s, including Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly.

Movies - Richard Dawson played the game show host in the Stephen King movie 'The Running Man' he was also known as the British Corporal Peter Newkirk on 'Hogan's Heroes'.

General - Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin started a Political Group in the sixties called Yippies.

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- Wxbtyx Tuuwh

Cryptoquote Solution:

A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.

- Edward Abbey

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