Answers to Aardwolf: Master of Puzzles

The puzzles are on this page.

1. bludgeon. Each word relates to the suit of a card in the following ways: shovel = spade, infield = diamond, bosom = heart, bludgeon = club.

2. 2 feet. The creature's body was 2 2/3 feet long, and its head was 2/3 foot long.

3. The man died before his brother was born.

4. T. Look at your keyboard, and you'll see that the letters read right across it, but there is a K instead of a T on your keyboard.

5. A. It is the ony letter that cannot be drawn without touching the same point twice.

6. $14.53, plus whatever I had to begin with.

7. George: George Bush, Curious George, Georgetown.

8. Jam: jam session, jam and dunk mean basically the same thing in basketball, jam is made from fruit.

9. Trigger: Roy Rogers' horse Trigger, trigger on a firearm, trigger and initiate are synonyms.

10. Trap: trapdoor, bear trap, reves and trap, when both read backward, create words that are synonyms.


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