Puzz.com, LLC is both a web site and a licensed business in St. Louis, Missouri. The site's main features are puzzles & IQ tests of many types, along with online games and contests. We have been doing business on the internet since 1997 with the goals of entertaining, educating (or at least trying to demonstrate how education, learning, problem solving and thinking can be fun!), and promoting.

A few people have noticed us over the years. Puzz.com was listed in a July 16, 1998 article in The New York Times, an August 21, 1998 article in the St. Petersburg Times, reviewed in the October, 1998 issue of Fast Company Magazine, and appeared & was reviewed on Knowledge TV (4/11/99). Some of the puzzles & games written by Puzz.com's webmaster, Bill Bultas, have been published in various places (including Chimera's Conundrums in the August, 1998 issue of GAMES Magazine, where this site was also mentioned as being "a preeminent puzzle site") and/or have received awards (e.g. the Intelligence Test received a Pick of the Week award from HitBox.com). A 1999 review on Ask Yahoo! stated that Puzz.com is "One of the best sources we found for IQ assessment." We have received e-mails, calls and letters indicating that our material has been used in classrooms, and Puzz.com has been an "assignment" in at least one text book.

At the time of this writing, the Puzz.com sites consist of several hundred pages of material, & receive over 300,000 page views per month.

A few other names in the "Puzz.com family of web sites":

All IQ Tests - Site solely devoted to IQ tests for your edutainment.

A Million Quizzes - Site that links dozens (and eventually hundreds and then thousands) of online tests & quizzes.

Free Dungeons is our online RPG gaming project which hosts several items of interest.

Online Gaming Zone - Lists, links and hosts dozens of totally free online games.

Rockin Surveys - Purely promotional site that features paid to take survey sites and earn from home opportunities. Related sites of ours are Surveys and Quizzes, Surveys and Tests and Survey Goddess.

Thought For This Day - Site that hosts thought provoking quotations organized by category.

We previously ran the Associate Leads and Associate Sales webmaster affiliate networks, which were very lucrative for us for years. Although we no longer administer such networks, webmasters can add our free content to their web pages. Unlike many other free content services, our interactive materials integrate seamlessly into your web pages.

Recent years through 2011 have been our most profitable years ever, primarily due to advertising run in our daily e-mail newsletters. A good portion of our profits are reinvested into the sites, and the Puzz.com sites will likely consist of many more pages of interesting material in the coming years, most of which will continue to be focused on brain teasers and games. Stay tuned!

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