TheAmgine Lexical Assessment Scale-Answers

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Below there are several possible answers for each question. Your answers may vary.

1) construction, conservative, condensation, convince, conceive, content, concept, contact, context, condition, etc.

2) to, be, so, or, am, as, of, on, oh, do, etc.

3) water, pewter, enter, muster, master, duster, writer, foster, better, utter, etc.

4) gang, gong, going, gaping, guarding, gazing, getting, gag, glowing, guiding, etc.

5) depart, depose, deposition, depth, depend, depot, deprive, deploy, deposit,deport, etc.

6) labor, harbor, abhor, major, minor, fervor, superior, visitor, tailor, sailor, etc.

7) noun, noon, napkin,  neutron, nocturn, neuron, notion, nation, nylon, nun, etc.

8) three, point, seven, eight, forth, fever, tempo, speed, width, etc.

9) expose, expostulate, exterminate, examine, exhort, export, expunge, extra, excel, exponent, etc.

10)preamble, premeditate, presume, prelude, prequel, present, precursor, pretty, pressure, precious, etc.

11)forged, zombie, margin, charge, garden, mantra, puzzle, enigma, fondle, father, etc.

12)eve, eerie, epee, esquire, elevate, eagle, excrete, evolve, emulate, enquire, etc.

13)monotone, position, organize, imagined, notebook, eclectic, fortress, magazine, immolate, evacuate, etc.

14)trinity, tripod, tried, triple, triumph, trickle, trip, triangle, triangulate, trivia, etc.

15)goodness, business, ugliness, kindness, willingness, highness, smartness, crudeness, darkness, harness, etc.

16)taunt, tight, taint, target, tangent, tact, tint, tantamount, torrent, tart, etc.

17)definition, transition, partition, position, condition, opposition, carnation, foundation, manifestation, nation, etc.

18)high, hush, harsh, hash, hunch, health, hearth, hyacinth, haunch, heath, etc.

19)erect, perfect, infect, dissect, bisect, architect, protect, intersect, inspect, retrospect, etc.

20) obliteration, annihilation, battleground, accomplished, malnutrition, presidential, publications, universities, refrigerator, computations, etc.

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