Contextual Anagrams Plus One

By William F. Bultas

Two numbers are given in each sentence that need to be replaced by words. Each word is an anagram of the other, except that one word contains an additional letter that the other word lacks. When this additional letter is removed, each word can be made by using the letters of the other word in each sentence. Based on the clues given in each sentence, do your best to figure out what the two words are. The numbers given in each sentence indicate the number of letters in each word. Some of the words may be formed without rearranging the letters, and the only difference between the words in this case is the one letter that has been added to one of the words. Take your time on these puzzles, as they are pretty tough. If you can answer more than 10 of them correctly, you're a true anagram guru!

1. A (4) began to form between them when she started to (5) with other men.

2. He could remember what the castle's (5) looked like years later from (4).

3. If they do not serve (4) in this restaurant, we will (5).

4. (6) a quarter in the game or it will remain (5).

5. He was so shy that he remained (5) the whole time he was at the party. He was afraid of looking like a (4).

6. The (5) scene is known as the (6).

7. I'm surprised that you found the (5) to be (6). I've always liked the striped animal.

8. The possibility of acquiring the company drew the industry (7) to the meeting like a (6).

9. The soldier began to (5) liquor before every battle, and unless he had some, he became (6) and unable to fight.

10. The children laughed when the teacher promised a (4) to the student who scored the highest on the (5) test.

11. The attorney was very happy. Not only had he just become a (7) in the firm, but his wife had just told him that he would be a (6) in a few months.

12. The (7) rode swiftly to fight the fire-breathing (6).

13. He read in the ancient (4) that a (5) would strike the earth in ten years.

14. I heard the foreman (6) "look out (5)!"

15. The gambler was able to (6) that his opponent was only holding a (5).

16. The Great (6) was not in 1812. You are in (5).

17. In that (6) lies a hero who lost his life to an archer's (5).

18. The (6) lunatic (5) the entire town to the ground.

19. It appeared that the (5) had eaten the young man. All that could be found was the (4) he had worn to the fraternity party.

20. Some people regarded yesterday's event as being (7). There were rumors that the priest had been paid to (6) the historic site.


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