Contextual Anagrams

By William F. Bultas
Two numbers are given in each sentence that need to be replaced by words. Each word is an anagram of the other - each word can be formed by rearranging the letters in the other word. Based on the clues given in each sentence, do your best to figure out what the two words are. The numbers given in each sentence indicate the number of letters in each word. Take your time on these puzzles, as they are pretty tough. If you can answer more than 10 of them correctly, you're a true anagram guru!

1. We had driven over a (4) to find a restaurant that served key (4) pie.

2. Read further, and you'll see that he (4) on the (4) of March.

3. I love fruits, especially (6) and sour (6)!

4. The raised (4) (4) listeners by making it possible for the crowd to see the speaker.

5. It is amazing how Joe (4) his (4) through his opponent's guard to land a punch.

6. Her face became (4) when she thought that he was going to (4) from the balcony.

7. What a (4) life the gangster did (4).

8. He used a special (4) to break into the safe and make off with the (4).

9. He did not (6) vision in his right eye after the damage to his (6).

10. The prisoner used a (4) to wear down the bars in his cell. He hoped to escape in time, as he did not look forward to (4) in prison.

11. The (5) bit her when she leaned against the (5) tree.

12. The (7) professor disliked the young genius, and tried to make it difficult for her to move (7) in her studies.

13. That man with (4) does not need his (4) to walk; it conceals a weapon.

14. The hero removed his (4) and began to (4) back and forth, trying to think of a way to stop the villain.

15. Fear was (4) among the people during the forest (4).

16. This movie is filled with blood and (4), (4) I am turning it off.

17. A true (4) always wears colorful clothing; not something (4) like you're wearing today.

18. You could hear the (5) playing in the distance as they carried the casket across the (5).

19. He began to (4) at the (4) that he would be hanging from in a few minutes.

20. As he began to (4) the cards, he prayed that it was not discovered that the gold he had wagered was actually painted (4).


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