Answers to Enigmatic Puzzle IQ Test

1. Five. It works out that a mechanic can repair 1 car in an hour. Five mechanics could actually repair 25 cars in 5 hours, but 4 mechanics would be able to repair no more than 20 cars, so there would need to be at least 5 mechanics for 22 cars.

2. This one was a little tricky, but the title provided a useful hint. Each letter in the inscription stands for the color of one of the levers. 'E' stands for ebony, and thus black. The answer is blue, orange, red, black, white, black, red, black, red, orange, blue, black, orange, red, blue.

3. 22. The numbers represent the 26 letters of the alphabet, but are numbered in reverse order. The numbers spell out SEQUENCE: S=8, E=22, Q=10, U=6, etc.

4. 6:46AM. Each hour past 4:12PM the watch reads one hour and 16 minutes later than it read the hour before. It follows that 11.5 hours later (at 3:42AM) it would be reading 184 minutes, or 3 hours and 4 minutes, faster than the actual time.

5. Tera. This is the only name given that is like the pitcher's and basemen's names in the following way: if you remove the first letter, you have an actual English word.

6. 2. The number given is the number of consonants in the word before it. The mystic told Smith that it would have been easier if he had used the elevator instead of climbing the mountain, and that he would do well to use this device on the way back down. I thank Jennifer Slis for reporting a flaw in this problem, which was subsequently corrected (I hope!).

7. The answer is UP.

8. Take the first letter of each word in the note and string them all together. You have the word CHANDELIER, and that is where the butler hid the diamonds.

9. The word is ORANGE.

10. The correct answer is BAR.

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