Puzzle Antics Answers

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1. There were 28 total trips made, with Andy making 12 of them, Bart making 5, and Chris making 11. The puzzle can be expressed algebraically as A + B + C = X, where X is the total number of trips. A = 2.4B. Because A has to be a whole number (Andy couldn't make 2.4 trips, for example), you quickly find that 12 and 5 are the lowest possible whole numbers for A and B, which makes C 11.

2. The ants can easily traverse all 6 edges without violating the rules.

3. The 3 ants can still cover all 6 edges without violating the rules.

4. The answer is 0 or 4, depending on how you interpret the instructions for the problem. Each ant will be able to walk across only 1 edge before at least 2 of them will meet.

5. Flying fish.

6. Green mushrooms.

7. Either the Purple and Red Mushrooms are safe and the other 2 are poisonous, or the Yellow and Green mushrooms are safe, and the Purple and Red ones are poisonous. There is a 50/50 chance of either of these situations.

8. There is a 50/50 chance of Door 2 or 3 being safe. Doors 1 & 4 are definitely trapped.

9. Doors 1 & 4 are definitely safe.

10. The greatest minimal difference in the 2 clocks is 6 hours. This occurs when one of them says 1:30 and the other says 7:30.


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