Answers to Association Puzzles II

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1. Bell Tomatoes Beef - TACO: Taco Bell, tomatoes are on a taco, beef is on a taco.

2. Stereo Writer Geno - TYPE: Stereotype, typewriter, genotype.

3. Choir Scout Big - BOY: Choirboy, boyscout, Big Boy is the icon for a restaurant chain that is decades old (as noted in the first Austin Powers movie, where a Big Boy is a spaceship).

4. Wrench Rotation Force - TORQUE: Torque wrench, torque tends to cause rotation, and torque is a force.

5. Evolution Social Relativity - THEORY: Theory of Evolution, Social Theory, Theory of Relativity.

6. Child Damned Greenwich - VILLAGE: The famous saying that "it takes a village to raise a child," Village of the Damned (movie), Greenwich Village.

7. Stick Deal Presidents - ROOSEVELT: "Speak softly but carry a big stick" (Theodore Roosevelt said this), New Deal (Franklin Roosevelt), both Theodore and Franklin were Presidents of the US.

8. Stick Service Hare - LIP: Lipstick, lip service, harelip.

9. Trip Magnetic Dreams - FIELD: Field trip, magnetic field, the movie "Field of Dreams"

10. God Hammer Norse - THOR: Thor is a god, Thor wields a hammer, Thor is from Norse mythology.

11. Sibling My Female - SISTER: A sister is a sibling, the movie "Sister, My Sister," and a female sibling is a sister.

12. Angel Child Wings - CHERUB: A cherub is an angel that appears as a child with wings.

13. Hire Hobbit County - SHIRE: Remove its first letter, and shire becomes hire, in J.R.R. Tolkien's famous stories hobbits live in the Shire, and a shire is a county.

14. Camping Needy Omen - PORTENT: The word "tent" appears in portent, and tents are used in camping, the "por" in portent is pronounced the same way as "poor," a synonym of "needy," and a portent is an omen.

15. Dig Card Dog - SPADE: A spade is used in digging, spades are found in playing cards, and the last one should be self explanatory...

16. Left-handed Minister Malicious - SINISTER: A word for left-handed is sinistral, which is related to the word sinister, minister rhymes with sinister, and malicious is a synonym of sinister.

17. Fries Toast Language - FRENCH: French fries, french toast, French is a language.

18. Homer Double Window - BLIND: Homer, who know the Odyssey and the Iliad through, was blind, a "double-blind" is a type of experiment, and blinds are found by many windows.

19. Candy Coolio Paper - WRAPPER: Candy is often in a wrapper, Coolio is a rapper (rhymes with wrapper), and wrappers are often made of paper.

20. Gas Bank Sherman - TANK: Gas tank, tank rhymes with bank, and the Sherman Tank was used during World War II.


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