Carolina Intelligence Test-Answers and Grading Scale

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1-2 Duh! Anyone wanna play Candyland?
2-3 Mind-Boggled
3-4 Average Joe/Jane
5-6 Above Average Joe/Jane
7-8 Mind-Boggling (gifted - WB)
9-10 Wise Guy (genius - WB)



3) Scales. The true question is in the title. Take the last letter from each sentence and you have something that's definitely fishy! The second sentence with it's broken text is a subtle hint that something's up with this paragraph.

4) Blue. Remove the letters "s" and "o" from the word "blouse" and you have the word "blue." Once again it's all in the title.

5) 29%.

6) Judy will be 17 in seven years.

7) URA. The other three-letter sets are the last three letters in the names of the planETS (SatURN MARS EaRTH JupiTER and UraNUS). URA is the first three letters in the name of the planet Uranus.

8) 5874

9) 15 seconds after the jar is halfway filled (two hours and 15 seconds after the first amoeba is placed into the jar) the jar will be completely filled. Remember, the amoebae double every 15 seconds.

10) altruism. 463512=RITUAL. An ism is a system or belief.

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