Challenging IQ Quiz

By William F. Bultas

Is your brain up for a little teasing? This 12 problem quiz should give you a nice mental workout, & still be pretty fun. There's no set time limit, & you can use a dictionary & any other references you think might help you. If you want to rank yourself using the scale provided, don't get help from other people. Be sure to add a few points to your score if your primary language is not English, or if you are under age 22 or so. Also, don't take your score too seriously if you don't spend much time on the quiz, or are tired when you try it. The answers are on this page, so you don't have to worry about seeing them before you're ready. Have fun!

Number Correct         Roughly Guestimated IQ
     0-2                       IQ  90 
     3-4                       IQ 100 
     5-6                       IQ 115 
     7-8                       IQ 130 
     9-10                      IQ 140 
    11-12                      IQ 150+

1. Anyone telesent (like being teleported or "beamed up") to Space Station Exray will arrive in pod A, B, or C. You are twice as likely to arrive in pod A than in pod B, & three times as likely to arrive in pod B than pod C. How likely is it that you will arrive in pods B, C, & A, in that order, the only three times that you are telesent to Space Station Exray? You may express your answer as a fraction or as a percentage.

2. Three men make the following statements regarding a murder that they are suspected of. Two of the men are lying, & one of them is telling the truth. Exactly one of the men is guilty of the crime. Is anyone definitely guilty or innocent? Which individual(s) is most likely to be guilty?

A. I didn't do it.
B. C did it.
C. A did it.

3. A saying indicates that you should not exchange me while passing over a type of body of water. A homophone of me suggests a husky voice. What am I?

4. The two words below that intersect & share a letter are antonyms. Replace the #'s with the correct letters.
5. The two words below that intersect & share a letter are synonyms. Replace the #'s with the correct letters.
6. Most Fleeks are Grobs, & most Grobs are Diors. Which of the following statements are definitely true? More than one answer can be true.

All Fleeks are Diors
Most Fleeks are Diors
Some Fleeks are Diors
None of the above statements are definitely true

7. Combine four of the two letter pieces below to make a word that can mean both MARSH & A DIFFICULT SITUATION.


8. My first is in MEAT, but not in FEET
My third is in SNARE, but not in PRAYER
My fifth is in SPORT, but not in SPIRE
My seventh is in YOUR, but not in WAR
I am entirely in LABYRINTH
What am I? (Warning: This is a tricky one!)

9. I mean WILLFUL. Read my last four letters backward, and you have a word that means PULL. What am I?

10. What five letter word can be written beneath these letters so that each 'column' forms a three letter word, read from top to bottom? This would result in a total of five three letter words.


11. For problems 11 & 12, you are given four 'squares' of numbers for each problem. The same mathematical function(s) are applied to each square in each problem, but problems 11 & 12 each use different functions. One of the numbers in the last square in each problem has been replaced with a ?, & you must determine what number should be there instead.
7  3    8  8    5  0    6  ?

6  3    4  2    6  4    9  5


2  7    0  3    0  11   2  ?

8  9    5  6   10  11   4  3


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