Answer to Puzzle Contest (from the winner):

"Canoe 1

Programmer: Kent
Engineer: Karmen

Canoe 2

Carpenter: Keller
Secretary: Klive"

Al Siller also provided this detailed reponse. The numbers relate to the 6 statements made in the puzzle:

"Using 1 and 5, we can place the ENG in the back and the PROG in the front of one canoe.

Using 4 and 3, we can place the SEC in the back and the CARP in the front of the other canoe.

Then using 3, we can identify KENT as the PROG.
Using 4, we can identify KLIVE as the SEC.
Using 6, we can then identify KELLER as the CAR.
That leaves KARMEN as the ENG."

Winner: Patricia Cox

Contest Statistics: Newsletter sent to 310810 subscribers, 49 answers submitted, 47 answers correct, 95.92% accuracy. Chance of a correct answer winning: 2.13%.

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