Answer to Puzzle Contest:

howdah. The first clue related to the name Hannibal, a Carthaginian general who crossed the Alps in 218, and used elephants in the march. However, I slightly goof-monkeyed: Hannibal from the A-Team was the white-haired leader guy with the cigar, and not the crazy one, who was named Murdoch. The last part, " do?", was a play on the way howdah is pronounced, which is similar to "how duh" which is a lazy/slang way of saying "how do". In other words: "How do you do?"

Despite the the partial error on my part and resulting inadvertent red herring, I think the riddle works. The most common answer I received, saddle, doesn't really work with the Hannibal/A-Team clue and definitely doesn't work with the " do?" clue. But it was as good of a guess as any.

Winner: Joyce Rodvien

Contest Statistics: Newsletter sent to 288620 subscribers, 33 answers submitted, 15 answers correct, 45.45% accuracy. Chance of a correct answer winning: 6.67%.

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