Answer to Puzzle Contest (Per contest winner):

8 minutes 55 seconds

A) will have to wait 4 minutes 10 seconds; B) will wait 2 minutes 35 seconds; and C) will wait 2 minutes 10 seconds. C's three slices plus one of B's will toast first. B's first slice will have butter and jam applied while the second slice of B's order is toasting. After 2 minutes, A's toast will begin. C's order will be buttered in 10 more seconds, for a total of 2 minutes 10 seconds. Then, B's last slice will be buttered and jam applied, for a total waiting time of 2 minutes 35 seconds. After A's order is toasted and 1 slice buttered, 4 minutes 10 seconds will have elapsed.

# of Answers: 24
# of Correct Answers: 1
Percentage for Attempts: 4%

Winner: Shirley Wolf, Rockville, MD

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