Answers to Puzzle Contest:

1. auger, augur, augury, augment, or any other word begin with 'aug' that had a lowercase 'a' at the beginning. Every other word was capitalized, and the first 3 letters of each were the months, in order: feb(ruary)rile, Mar(ch)tian, apr(il)icot, Mayan, jun(e)iper, Jul(y)ian, etc.

2. insensate (incense-ate). Half-baked, inscience and some other answers did not fit entirely with the clues provided. Inscience was somewhat close, but does not sound like the word 'incense'.

Winner: Devinder Singh

Contest Statistics: Newsletter sent to 312029 subscribers, 13 answer sets submitted, 7 answer sets correct, 53.85% accuracy. Chance of a correct answer set winning: 14.29%.

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