By William F. Bultas
A cryptogram is a code made by substituting a different letter for each letter of the alphabet. In a particular code, for example, the l's might be replaced by j's, & the j's might be replaced by b's. Every letter is usually changed, & a different code is used for each problem. I encourage you to use any reference materials you think might help on the following 10 cryptograms. I have placed the answers on a separate page to keep you from looking until you're ready. Be aware that some of the puzzles may take a while to solve, so don't get frustrated - only a true cryptographer could decipher more than 7 of them! Many of the cryptograms were made using famous (and sometimes humorous) sayings, proverbs, adages & maxims. If you enjoy these puzzles, be sure to try the other tests & puzzles at PUZZ.COM. Have fun!

1. Hsen owsj sud, zq't erkvzkwztj; hsen owsj qas, zq't wdtdkwhp.

2. Y zyufa cbhvxa cw rna oawr uahcqa ivu nyqqcbaww C alau nayuj vi.

3. Jk cwjv sqzhe, kqcwjkp jv lozcmjk txc eomcw mke cmfov.

4. Kqozy kfq vzzx hq rz zmius kahf ozy sulx uorahaqy.

5. Oltp wsfy qsp wfypdsz ef, ethfy ef ypdsqmfd.

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7. Tfble snowpnywzv, vnf lgoykwpz vnf. Tfble skvvtfwzv, wp'z utzp prl kookzwpl.

8. Ugcvivyl fmce vi kzie hcdji emj gjhjhogcyaj wjcg.

9. Brwqhlfkw hjk qibwk qicedw zbg wkk mike zbg qhsk zbgj kzkw buu zbgj dbhfw.

10. Rka pbrgsgxr rkgjnx rkgx gx rka zaxr pt uii ypfiex. Rka baxxgsgxr taufx rkgx gx rfda.