Cryptographer: Freeware Program for Solving & Creating Cryptograms & Cryptoquotes

Review By William F. Bultas

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Cryptographer is a freeware program created by Forget-Me-Not Shareware Inc., which unfortunately went out of business some time ago. The program was created in the mid to late 1990s, for computers in use at that time. However, the program should work fine on 21st Century computers (please let me know if you encounter any problems - I haven't, but have been told it doesn't work on iMacs).

Because the manufactuer is out of business, you can't register the program to get the "full version." Please disregard the instructions about paying them when you start the program. One person tried to, and told me it could not be done. Their old web site has been defunct for some time. Thus, this shareware program is now technically freeware - it is 100% free to use indefinitely without guilt.

Cryptographer is very simple to use. You can use it to solve cryptoquotes & cryptograms, and it can be used to create cryptos as well. Once you have the the program open, simply click "Edit" and then "Type in Quote". From there, choose "Encrypted Text" if you are using the program to solve a crypto, or "Straight Text" if you are typing in a quotation or something else that you want to have encrypted. However, "type" is actually not what I recommend. I recommend using the COPY and PASTE features on your computer, which can be done on your computer by hitting CONTROL and C together to copy (once you've used your mouse to highlight what you wish to copy), and CONTROL and V together to paste (once you've clicked the area you want to paste to). I highly recommend this for our cryptos: just copy them from our e-mail newsletter issues or our site, and paste them right into the program.

Once the crypto is in the program interface, click each letter you wish to change, then type in the letter you believe it actually is, or click that letter on the list you'll see below. When you change that letter, it will be changed throughout the code. This will save you a lot of time and effort, along with paper and pens or pencils.

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