Cryptoquips & Cryptograms

By William F. Bultas
A cryptogram is a code made by substituting a different letter for each letter of the alphabet. In a particular code, for example, the l's might be replaced by j's, & the j's might be replaced by b's. Every letter is usually changed, & a different code is used for each problem. I encourage you to use any reference materials you think might help on the following 10 cryptoquips & cryptograms. I have placed the answers on a separate page to keep you from looking until you're ready. Be aware that some of the puzzles may take a while to solve, so don't get frustrated - only a true cryptoquipographer could decipher more than 7 of them! Many of the cryptograms were made using famous (and sometimes humorous) sayings, proverbs, adages & maxims. If you enjoy these puzzles, be sure to try the other tests & puzzles at PUZZ.COM. Have fun!

1. Ko jvamlkve kd djizwb mlw lyxjv utba kd djizwb.

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7. Opd wkokxd gdblysi ol oplid jpl gdbadud ay opd gdqkor lw opdax mxdqti.

8. Lkp kptml kta sla mptacoa, fksdk mptaco zcpa ocl gocf.

9. W zewm rg w qnhwi srkc w qhwqmrfh.

10. O nojj gqlkoi vs khv is vhllsn hvt tqplhtq kx ascj yx khfovp kq bhiq bok.