Name Those Initials!

By William F. Bultas

Each of these puzzles consists of some letters that are strung together and are the initials for an organization, person, legislation, etc. The initials are followed by the category for what the initials represent. Try to figure out what each set of initials stands for. If you can answer more than 10 of these correctly, you've done extremely well!

1. SNL (TV show)

2. LBJ (person)

3. PLO (organization)

4. TWA (company)

5. FBI (organization)

6. CIA (organization)

7. BLT (food)

8. REM (phenomenon)

9. TLC (thing)

10. ERA (legislation)

11. NBA (organization)

12. IRA (finances)

13. IRA (organization)

14. NRA (organization)

15. NAFTA (legislation)

16. OPEC (organization)

17. LSD (drug)

18. ASVAB (test)

19. NOW (organization)

20. A.D. (time)


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