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1. The sandwich. The first letter of this word, along with the first letters of the other products picked out by Thomas, spell out his name. The name of the store (which was in the title) was a hint that hopefully helped you on this one. Another acceptable answer, found by a surfer: Belt - "The first and the fourth words are types of media. The second and the fifth words are fruits. And, the third is a commonly replaced automotive part, as would be the sixth word, if chosen, that being 'belt'." And another answer from a web surfer that I think is pretty good: "I would like to propose an alternate answer (how I figured it). The shapes (2-D) of the objects form a pattern: magazine (quadrilateral), orange (circular), hose (squiggly line), television (quadrilateral), and apple (circular). Therefore the next logical step in the series would be something that's the shape of a squiggly line, i.e., the belt!"

2. The pencil. The professor's note should be read as: "bring the item to me that is listed after the word PERIOD," as a period comes right after "word." "Pencil" comes immediately after the word period in the note.

3. Ointment. Reverse the order of the numbers given, then from beginning to end, that is the number of the letter in each word that forms the password. This puzzle was pretty tough.

4. Wheels. A mammal can be made from the letters of all of the words but this one, and also this was pointed out by an examinee: "I picked the correct answer, 'wheels', but because after looking at the title, 'what strange creatures are THESE.' I was thinking that 'these' referred to more than one. The only word that contains a plural reference to an animal is 'whEELS.'". Another acceptable answer, found by a visitor: "number 4 could also be dogma; it is the only word without double letters; all the rest have either double e or double o." And yet another correct answer found: "Berates, becauses it the only word that the letters of the embedded animal word are not pronounced the same as the animal."

5. Nonagon. The title suggests that the puzzle involves a circle. Take the number of sides of the shapes in the series, & consider "dot" as a decimal point. You have 3.1415, which is clearly pi, so the next number is 9, as that is the next number in pi. The answer is a shape with 9 sides: a nonagon.

6. This was more of a logic problem than a math puzzle. The scores are: Josh - 93; Tawana - 89; Leslie - 83; Erik - 81; Mary - 62.

7. Hives.

8. Ultimate.

9. Insult. The first hint was a reference to the saying "adding insult to injury."

10. Sentence.


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