IQ Brain Teaser #136
Mr. X has money hidden in 3 safe deposit boxes at 3 banks, using 3 different fictitious identities. However, he has forgotten which identities he used with which banks! The names used were Abernathy, Butler, and Crane. X must know with certainty which identity goes with each box before he can go into the banks, and he desperately needs all of the money. He is at a pay phone, having lost his cell phone in a scuffle with his nemesis, Agent Y. X has only enough change to make 3 phone calls, and can only call each bank a maximum of 1 time, and through each call can only inquire about a box for 1 identity. Assuming X acquires and uses information in the most logical way, and that each bank will identify the existence of a box for a given identify, what percent chance is there that he can know with certainty which identities go with the 3 boxes?

66 2/3
33 1/3
None of the above are correct

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