IQ Brain Teaser #83
4 friends, Kent, Keller, Karmen and Klive are on a canoe trip. 2 canoes are floating down the river side by side, with 2 people in each canoe. In each canoe, the older person is in front of the younger one. Also:

Keller is sitting diagonal from Karmen
The Engineer & the Programmer are in the same canoe
The Secretary is sitting diagonal from Kent
The Carpenter is sitting in front of Klive
The Engineer is younger than the Programmer
Keller is not the Engineer

What is each person's occupation?

Carpenter: Keller, Engineer: Klive, Programmer: Karmen, Secretary: Kent
Carpenter: Karmen, Engineer: Keller, Programmer: Klive, Secretary: Kent
Carpenter: Keller, Engineer: Karmen, Programmer: Kent, Secretary: Klive
Carpenter: Karmen, Engineer: Klive, Programmer: Kent, Secretary: Keller
Carpenter: Klive, Engineer: Keller, Programmer: Kent, Secretary: Karmen
Carpenter: Kent, Engineer: Klive, Programmer: Keller, Secretary: Karmen
Carpenter: Klive, Engineer: Karmen, Programmer: Kent, Secretary: Keller
Carpenter: Kent, Engineer: Karmen, Programmer: Keller, Secretary: Klive
Carpenter: Klive, Engineer: Kent, Programmer: Karmen, Secretary: Keller
None of the above

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