IQ Teaser #36
On May 2nd, 2037, Inspector Gajjit questioned 6 suspects believed to possibly have committed a crime. The 6 were connected to a multigraph lie detector, which, after many years of research and improvements over the old polygraph system, is 100% accurate. Exactly one of the individuals is known to have committed the crime, and the test results showed that exactly one person told the truth, while all of the others lied. The only problem is that the test results were accidentally destroyed before the good Inspector could see who lied (someone spilled coffee on the machine). To make matters worse, the device cannot be repaired for several weeks.

The good news is that the recorded statements of the 6 are still available:

Alex: Christy did it.

Beth: Don didn't do it.

Christy: Eric is telling the truth.

Don: Fred did it.

Eric: Beth didn't do it.

Fred: Alex is telling the truth.

1. Who is telling the truth?

2. Who is guilty of the crime?

Truth: Christy; Guilty: Christy
Truth: Christy; Guilty: Fred
Truth: Eric; Guilty: Fred
Truth: Alex; Guilty: Don
Truth: Christy; Guilty: Eric
Truth: Beth; Guilty: Beth
Truth: Christy; Guilty: Don
Truth: Beth; Guilty: Don
Truth: Don; Guilty: Alex
Truth: Don; Guilty: Christy

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