IQ Teaser #47
At the Intergalactic Cantina, Hands Sequel is nervously sitting across from the space thug Greedo, who has a blaster leveled at Hands. The thug is speaking to Hands in Philistine, a language that Hands only partly understands. Greedo makes the following statements, which Hands does understand:

"jfos ewofesa fsjoa" is translated to mean "shoot through space"

"joew fds fsjoaf" is translated to mean "I'm a smuggler"

"iwrje rtjweo siofs wrel" is translated to mean "She's going to you"

Given this, "joew iwrje siofs jfos rtjweo fsjoa fds", roughly translated, means:

space smuggler, I'm going to shoot you
she's going to shoot through, space smuggler
I'm going through a space, you smuggler
I'm a space smuggler, going to you
smuggler, I'm going to you, through space
she's through, I'm going to shoot you
space smuggler, she's going to shoot you
shoot, smuggler, she's through going to you
shoot, smuggler, she's going to space you
None of the above

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