IQ Teaser #53
Linda, a freelance investigator who has solved a number of crimes (click here and here for a couple of them), is once again on the case. The oil tycoon Megabuck Milliondollar has unfortunately been murdered. It is believed that one of Milliondollar's sons has committed the crime. An anonymous note is recovered on the Milliondollar estate, which reads:

"Your best bet is to ? Milliondollar. You will find stains from his father's blood in the trunk of his BMW."

Linda follows up on the note, and it appears that enough evidence exists to establish a prime suspect. Who is it?
Linda (a trick question!)
Megabuck Milliondollar (suicide)
Ted Milliondollar (flunked out of Yale)
Tim Milliondollar (embezzling from dad's businesses)
The Milliondollar estate (haunted)
Chris Milliondollar (part of Enron scandal)
Eric Milliondollar (part of WorldCom scandal)
James Milliondollar (part of Oil for Food scandal)
Bart Milliondollar (just a bad apple all around)
None of the above

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