Answers to Lateral Thinking & Logic Puzzles

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1. Friday.

2. Monday.

3. Wednesday.

4. Sunday.

5. 24. The answer can be found by starting with 4 numbers or letters, such as 1234, & counting upward using only these 4 numbers to find all of the possible permutations: 1234, 1243, 1324, 1342, etc.

6. 6.

7. 11.

8. Chris. If the statement "I did not break the vase" is definitely false, we can be certain that Chris broke the vase. Statements that some individuals "couldn't have" broken the vase only mean that these individuals could have broken the vase, but do not guarantee that they did. Jim's statement that "Tom is innocent" is too vague. We know that Tom is not innocent, but this does not assure us that he broke the vase.

9. This was a tricky one. The answer is soap. The b had to be twisted & turned to become a p.

10. 1. Each number represents the number of U.S. states, in alphabetical order, that begin with each letter. There are 4 states that begin with A, 0 that begin with B, 3 that begin with C, & so on.