Answers to Lateral Thinking IQ Test

Click here if you have not yet taken the test. There are bound to be alternative answers for some of these puzzles. If you have come up with something different from what I have below, go back and look at the puzzle again. If you feel that your answer meets the conditions set forth in the puzzle, and is as good or better than my answer, go ahead and give yourself credit. But be honest, no cheating yourself!

1. They are enjoying the fireworks on the Fourth of July.

2. The woman had a bungee cord attached to her.

3. The man left his house just before the clocks were set back 1 hour for daylight savings time in the fall. His wife set the clock to show the correct time.

4. The activities in the court room were being filmed as part of a movie. The boy was an actor in the movie.

5. This is a regular training exercise for recruits in basic training for the U.S. Army. I understand that some other branches of the military also practice this type of exercise. The gas is tear gas, & does no permanent damage, as far as I know.

6. Spike is Mr. Hopkins' dog.

7. Toby & his family & friends are in a country with no legal drinking age, or a drinking age that is much lower than you will find in the United States.

8. If the woman is not touching anything but the 1 cable, a circuit will not be completed, & she will not be electrocuted. If she jumped or in some other way grabbed the cable while not touching the ground or anything else but the cable, she would be safe.

9. The slower runner was walking toward the finish line while considering whether or not to take the bet. When he agreed, he had a sizeable lead on the other runner, & immediately began sprinting toward the finish line.

10. Mark was out of town on "business" & staying at a hotel, where the surprise party was held. Because he did not think anyone would be in his hotel room, he picked a woman up at a bar & brought her back with him. His wife was not too happy to see this....


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