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To find books by the Editors of GAMES Magazine, click here. I'm writing this review to let puzzle, game & contest enthusiasts of all types know that I have found the magazine for you! Established in 1977, this magazine has a circulation of around 225,000. I'm glad I found GAMES, because it's a gem. They review many games, including the board & computer variety. There are also contests, some of which are hidden, & winners may receive cash ($1000 grand prize in the issue I'm looking at) or other excellent prizes like GAMES t-shirts. Each issue has a fake advertisement to spot, & GAMES focuses on many other forms of ingenuity as well. But the main content that I am finding is puzzles, more puzzles, & even more puzzles! Crosswords galore, logic problems, cryptograms, picture puzzles, word searches, & many other types of puzzles that employ words, numbers, grids, symbols, photographs, and many mundane things from everyday life that have been converted into puzzles.

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