Culture Fair Memory Test

By William F. Bultas

Before beginning this test, you will need a blank sheet of paper, a pen or pencil, a stopwatch or other suitable timer, & at least 5 minutes of time during which you will not be disturbed. You will have 3 minutes to do your best to memorize the following 20 pairs of terms. You may not write any of the terms down, or do anything else that will aid you in remembering them or their relationships, other than looking at them. When your time is up, click on BEGIN TEST at the end of the list. On that page, you will have 2 minutes to choose which term goes with the one term that you are given for each problem. In other words, match up the terms as they appear on this page. Only 10 problems appear on the second page, & they will not necessarily appear in the order that you see them here. You may be given the first term, & be expected to match it with the second term, or the other way around. Answer each problem, even if you have to guess. When those 2 minutes are up, you will then click on ANSWERS at the end of that list, & will be taken to a page with the answers & a ranking scale. Even an unusually bright individual would not be expected to answer many of the problems correctly, but you should do your best to memorize these terms & answer as many of the problems correctly as possible. Do not read any further until you are ready to begin the test.

73,dshds = h9h9

j;s3 = 824

q`j` = *ykst

%d = t0

rp6n = (f)-

$su@ = $su*

r7z = !

m9s = #g

,,,x = x.x.

)(a = w**b

^>< = <>^

vqsasds = $bv9

jjjj1 = hhh27

mq = qm

&c = lzzl

v#2v = jjj2

.,., = 8

^^$ = 4921k

g;! = 0aq"

~~v = YYY5S