Answers to Classic & Logic Puzzles II

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1. 6. The man made 5 cigarettes from the 25 butts, smoked them, and then made an additional cigarette from the 5 butts that were left from the 5 that he made.

2. 37.

3. The doctor was the boy's mother.

4. You have 1 chance in 17,100,720. The answer can be found by muliplying the chance of the first ball being any particular number, 1/30, by the chance of the second ball being any particular number, 1/29 (since one ball has already been removed from the basket), & then by 1/28, 1/27, & 1/26.

5. There are 9 Planets in Our Solar System.

6. The architect is Andy, the barber is Dave, the caseworker is Cedric, and the dentist is Brian.

7. BALLOON. Some balloons contain helium, while a hot air balloon (used for transportation) carries a basket.

8. TIRE. Exhaust & tire are synonyms, & a tire (this problem disadvantages the British, who use tyre) can be found on a wheel.

9. LABYRINTH. Theseus slew the Minotaur in the Labyrinth, & David Bowie was in a movie called the Labyrinth.

10. SHELL. Gasoline is sold by a company with the name Shell, & an egg has a shell.


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