Answers to Mind Numbing Puzzles

1. R=0, L=1, O=2, H=3, F=4, T=5, E=6, A=7, M=8, S=9. The answers to the 4 equations were: A. 8295, B. 3295, C. 8206, D. 4206.

2. If you 'read' the series, it says "I too ate one before." The only option offered that makes any sense is U, or 'you.' Thanks to Julie Brown for spotting a problem that used to be in this problem....

3. There are more 2s. Each number from 20,000 to 29,999 begins with a 2, which greatly weights the scale in favor of the 2s. The number of 8s would not begin to catch up with 2s again until you get well into the 80,000s.

4. 0%. C must always be false, because it is impossible for A & B to both be false AND C to be true. If C is false, B is also false.

5. 138. The number can quickly be found by dividing the maximum number of dishes, 274, by 2, because half of the numbers are even, & half of them are odd. However, you must also add 1 to the answer to include 0, which is an even number.

6. Feed. All of the other words are various weights & measures. Another acceptable answer, found by a visitor: GRAIN, "since it's the only word in the group to begin with two consonants."

7. A=3, B=2, C=5, and D=4. An alternate answer is A=2, B=1, C=8, and D=3, which was found by Jill (no last name specified) & by Sharon Kienzle. Ms. Kienzle also found A=4, B=3, C=2, & D=5.

8. I would be found on the bottom row. The only thing that A, H, J & K have in common is that each one of them has an 'A' sound when pronounced, which is a feature that all of the other letters lack.

9. The answer is apple for A, B & D. The answer for C is cherry, & E is carrots.

10. This is a minor twist on a famous puzzle. The nurse is the father of the little girl. Many people don't immediately see this because we are socialized to think of women as being nurses, men as being doctors, etc.

Another acceptable answer for puzzle #10, which was sent in by a reader and Mensa member:

"There is one other possible answer to the question. I grew up in Missouri, and there is a town called, oddly enough, California, Missouri (there is also a Florida Missouri, birthplace of Mark Twain!) located near Jefferson City where there would be a hospital. There are no doubt, people who live in California who commute to Jefferson City to work. I know this may be stretching it, but I thought you'd find it interesting anyway."


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