Lateral Thinking Puzzlers

By William F. Bultas

Here's a few short teasers for you to solve. You've probably seen puzzles like these in a few places that use equal signs, and these really aren't much different. A few of these have probably appeared in other places before, but many of these are surely original. An example would probably serve better than an explanation: 26 L in the A. Answer: 26 letters in the alphabet. Some of the puzzles are taken from famous quotes, movie titles, and other sources. Many of them are easy, but a few are quite difficult! See how many you can solve. The answers are on this page.

1. 12 I in a F

2. 365 D in a Y

3. 2's C, 3's a C

4. 101 D

5. 7 D S

6. 7 W of the W

7. 12 D of C

8. 99 B of B on the W

9. P 76ers

10. The 5th E

11. 50 S on the A F

12. The O 13 C of A

13. C 22

14. 52 C in a D

15. G your K on R 66

16. The 7th V of S

17. 12 M in a Y

18. 18 H on a G C

19. 6 0's in a M

20. 4 S and 7 Y A

21. 14 D in a F

22. 100 Y in a C

23. 1000 Y in a M

24. The 4 H of the A

25. 4 W and a F

26. 12 S of the Z

27. 6 D of S

28. 31 D in O

29. 92 is the A N of U

30. 3600 S in an H


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