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This newsletter is no longer published, but feel free to browse through this archive for the Puzzle Contests Newsletter, which existed briefly as a replacement for the Hidden Puzzle Contest. The prize for the winner was a choice of $20 cash or $40 worth of products chosen from the Games & Puzzles Store with free shipping.

12/5/00 Contest (#6):

Question: Another crossed words puzzle (see contest #4, below, for complete instructions):

1. Nephew of a monarch, the monarch having a name that is the title of a movie.

2. A saint who was supposedly beheaded.

3. An author (also beheaded), who wrote an essay about a perfect society.

4. 2 faced god.

	      4   #
               3 ####    
              #   #
              #   #
	2 #########
              #   #

Winner: Nathan Glasser, Somerville, MA on 12/5/00.


1. Modred
2. Valentine
3. More
4. Janus

12/4/00 Contest (#5):

Question: This puzzle is taken from a book - source to be provided when it is solved:

“What is the largest sum of money in current United States coins (but no silver dollars, please) that a person can have in his pocket without being able to give someone change for a dollar, half dollar, quarter, dime, or nickel?” To make the puzzle a tad harder, you must also specify exactly what coins are needed to make up the total...

Winner: Shirley Wolf on 12/4/00. Nathan Glasser also solved the puzzle within 5 minutes of Shirley submitting her answer - very close!

Source: Chapter 5, problem 6 of Games for the Superintelligent.

Answer: From the book: "$1.19--a half dollar, a quarter, four dimes, and four pennies."

11/23/00 Contest (#4):

Question: This is the first (but certainly not the last) of our crossed words puzzles. I think it is self explanatory. You must answer all of the problems correctly to win the contest. If even one answer is wrong, you'll be told you didn't win, but not which problems or how many you missed... you can of course try as many times as you like, but must wait for a response before resubmitting.

            2 #
            # #
            # #
            # #
         1 ####
	    # #		
            # #
       4 #####

1. bovine-faced god
2. throw something from a window
3. walk
4. no one knows what this word means for sure.

Winner: Irving Campbell, Gainesville, FL, on 12/4/00.


1 Hera
2 Defenestrate
3 Ambulate
4 Selah (a hint in the 12/4/00 issue probably helped on this one (-;)

11/23/00 Contest (#3):

Question: He's an albino magician with a weapon that steals energy from other living things. Who is he, what is the name of his weapon, and where is he from?

Winner: Maree Cassidy, Melbourne, Australia on 11/23/00.

Answer: "Elric of Melniboné - sword Stormbringer from the books by Michael Moorcock."

11/21/00 Contest (#2):

Question: This trivia question is from a book - source to be revealed in the next issue with the winner and answer:

He suffered a concussion, she took a spill, and neither did the job they were sent to do. Who are they?

Winner: Shirley Wolf of Rockville, Maryland on 11/21/00.

Answer: Shirley writes "Jack and Jill, of nursery rhyme fame." The question is from page 207 of the book In Search of Trivia, which I highly recommend (contains 2400 excellent trivia questions).

11/3/00 Contest (#1):

Question: What would be the next 3 numbers in this series?:


Winner: Shirley Wolf of Rockville, Maryland on 11/15/00.

Answer: 653. Shirley writes “If I am correct, this is alternatively one digit more than pi, then one less, etc., all turned backwards: 3.14159265 = 653860504.”

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