Random Brain Teasers for Your Web Site

Description: Our random brain teaser server, which gives you individual questions vs. 10 as in our Random IQ Test, can easily be added to any page or pages of your site. Click here to see the "bare bones" teasers, or here to see how they appear on one of our own pages. As you'll see, you are free to run banner ads or anything else around the teasers - it really just becomes an interactive part of your site. The teasers are pulled from the same database as our Random IQ Test, and there are now well over 300 puzzles and growing. This feature is very popular on our own site, and is likely to be added to the "favorites" lists of many of your visitors if they find it on your site.

How It Works: There are 2 simple codes that need to be inserted into the web page(s) that you want the teasers to appear on:

In the HEAD portion of the page: <script> var oneRandomPuzzle = "all"; var easy=new Array(); var medium=new Array(); var hard=new Array(); </script> <script src="http://www.billsmovies.com/ran_puzz/ran_puz_head_newpuz.js"> </script>
In the BODY portion of the page: <script src="http://www.billsmovies.com/ran_puzz/ran_puz_body_newpuz.js"> </script>
NEW! OPTIONAL DIFFICULTY LEVELS: The codes above will cause teasers to be pulled from our entire database, without respect to how hard they may be. If you wish to only rotate teasers that are easy, for example, you just replace the word "all" in the first code with "easy". The same is also true with "medium" and "hard" teasers. You might wish to create separate pages for each of these difficulty levels, so that your visitors can choose the level they feel is appropriate for them.

Once you have uploaded your page or pages, all you have to do is link to them. You can say whatever you want in your links (as long as no false claims are made, etc.), but here is a suggestion:

Text Link:

Random Brain Teaser Puzzles - Get a completely random brain teaser each time you reload the page! Have fun exercising your mental muscles!

Code for the above link: <b><a href="http://www.billsmovies.com/teasers/" target="_blank"> Random Brain Teaser Puzzles</a></b> - Get a completely random brain teaser each time you reload the page! Have fun exercising your mental muscles!
NOTE: You will want to change the URL(s) to the page(s) on your site that have the teasers on them. If for some reason you do not want to host the teasers on any of your pages but do want to link to them, simply use this link:



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