Randomly Generated IQ Test - Enjoy our multiple choice test that gives you 10 new puzzles each time you reload the page!

You'll also find these puzzles through the following:
Hypersudoku - Play sudoku with overlapping regions! Different each time you play.

Killer Sudoku - Play the classic puzzle game of Killer Sudoku.

Jigsaw Sudoku Puzzle Game - Play Sudoku with randomly shaped groups. Different each time you play the game.

Word Search - Search for the word with a given meaning. Different each time you play the game.

Sudoku Puzzle Game - You are given a different sudoku puzzle each time you play this online game!

Animal Sudoku - Straight from the animal kingdom! Try this version of Sudoku by following the way of the footprints. Your score gets lower as time runs out, so think fast! The game has three game modes and hundreds of puzzles to play.

Clueless Crossword - Can you solve the crossword without using clues? Different each time you play the game.

Crossword Puzzle - The crossword is relatively easy in comparison to most crosswords you'll find (still a challenge!), and is randomly generated every time you refresh the page.

Random Interesting Facts - A different interesting fact appears each time you reload the page.

Maze Race - Race against the computer to reach the flag. A different maze each time you play the game, and increasing levels of difficulty each time you win.

Random Mazes - Race against the clock to beat the maze... a different maze each time you play the game!

More Randomly Generated Features:

Random Excuse Machine - Need a good excuse, but can't think of one? Use our machine to generate one on the fly!

Random Inspirational Quotes - Different inspirational & motivational quotations appears each time you visit this page. There are over five-thousand inspirational quotations in the database, quotes refresh every five minutes, you can scroll up/down through the quotations, and there is a hover over facility to pause a quotation.

Oracle of Horror - I am the Oracle of Horror! I am master of all I survey. I know all, I see all, I tell all - I AM, ALL... gives you a different "thought" each time you place your mouse pointer over his image!

Random Tunnels & Trolls Dungeon Generator - Appears to be quite good! Additional random tables and maps by the same author are linked from the Dungeon Generator's page. Click here for free Tunnels & Trolls rules & much more.