Puzz.com's Letter Removal Puzzles

By William F. Bultas

These 18 problems conceal 4 words that, when read together, describe what you'll (hopefully) find at Puzz.com. Each problem looks something like this:

A time telling device : A device that keeps portals securely closed (first, 5).

The "first" and "5" in parenthesis indicate that the first definition given describes a 5 letter word. After removing 1 letter from somewhere in the first word, you can arrive at a word that means the same as the second definition that is given. In the example I just gave you, the answers are CLOCK and LOCK. Because "first" was in parenthesis, you would now take the first letter of the first word, "C," and write it down. If the parenthesis had contained "second" and "4," you would instead write "L." You would also have known that the second word had 4 letters, & the first word had 5 letters. When you have completed all of the puzzles, the letters you have written down will spell out the 4 words that are the solution to the puzzle. The answers are on this page. I hope you have fun with these brain teasers!

1. Something that flickers : Renown (first, 5).

2. Count : A pigment (second, 5).

3. You can be an aunt or uncle to one of these : Minutely accurate (first, 5).

4. A type of thief : Talk too much (second, 5).

5. Not suitable : A component part (first, 5).

6. Ionized form of oxygen : A region (second, 4).

7. The name of an ancient Greek philosopher : A Buddhist school (first, 4).

8. A weapon employed by knights : A rural road or path (second, 4).

9. An Australian bird : A letter of the Greek alphabet (first, 3).

10. A cloud form extending over a large area : Position (second, 6).

11. Senile : The longest river in the world (first, 5).

12. A sound : Something found on the face (second, 4).

13. A Greek word for "the people" : A demonstration (first, 5).

14. Increase : An alcoholic drink (second, 3).

15. A furred cape or hood : More than one small rodent (first, 5).

16. An augury : More than one man (second, 3).

17. An agent sent on a diplomatic mission : Ill will and jealousy (first, 5).

18. Dinner : Of high quality (second, 5).


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