Letter Removal Puzzlers

by William F. Bultas

For each of the following problems, you are given 2 definitions. The answer to the second part is the same as the answer to the first part, but with one letter removed. Example:

Place where horses stay; Black.

Answer: Stable, Sable

Now see how many of these you can answer correctly, and click here when you are ready to see the answers. Average is about 6 correct, and you've done quite well if you can get 10 or more. If you can get 15 or more right, it might be time to see about being a contestant on some of these tv quiz shows!

1. Linger about; Above

2. Having relatively great extent between opposite sides; Hayseed

3. 4-footed animal; A direction

4. Land adjacent to water; Painful

5. A religious group that had an anti-slavery stance; The name of a violent first person computer game

6. A principal raw material or commodity grown or manufactured in a locality; Musty

7. To act in a sulky or aimless way; An item used for cleaning floors

8. Open to bribery; The flesh of the calf used for food

9. A contest or game; Arithmetic is the most elementary branch of this

10. Junk; A pack of playing cards

11. Often occurs when a picture is taken; whip

12. An enchantment; To give something in exchange for money

13. A stringed musical instrument found in ancient Greece; A caustic solution used in making soap

14. Stylish; The 22nd letter of the Greek alphabet

15. There is a movie in which a lake with this name is anything but; There is a Steve Martin movie that indicates that deceased males do not wear this.

16. Waters in this state are said to run deep; Plow

17. First name of Arthur's sister; Part of a plant or animal that performs some vital function

18. To promote something as or in the manner of a huckster; A horizontal foundation

19. Science of prison management; Science of viniculture

20. An old man; A social blunder

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