The Enigmus Riddle Exam

By Thomas A. Smith Jr.
Copyright 1999

Directions: This test consists of thirty riddles which are designed to test your verbal intelligence. You may use reference materials and there is no time limit.  However, you may not discuss the questions with others.  When you are finished finding solutions you may grade your answers here. Good luck!

1)   I am a word that means both pleasing and obsolete. My last three letters are very cold! What am I?

2)   I am a time for gathering crops. My last four letters is something that you wear. What am I?

3)   I am the wealthiest man in the world. My last name is an anagram for a word that means platform. Who am I?

4)   My first three letters is a word which means disencumber. I am a mystery. What am I?

5)   I am the study of the history of words. Change my third letter then add a letter between my first and third and you have a study of insects. What am I?

6)   I am a poem that expresses melancholy. My second, third and fourth letters are an appendage. What am I?

7)   I am a long journey. Change my fourth letter to a vowel and you have a large organic object which for some reason seems to attract felines.What am I?

8)   I am a comparison between two things. Remove a letter from me and you have a facial expression. What am I?

9)   I am short, concise and to the point. Change my first letter and you have a body of metrical writing. What am I?

10) I am a word which means unchanging. I am also a form of energy. If you change my first letter then I become an anagram of a device for accomplishing an end. What am I?

11) I am a compound word and  a popular snack. My first word means bust or explode. My second word is also edible. What am I?

12) I am might, authority, strength and control! Most people can’t handle me and I change them for the worse. Change my first letter and you can make several words. One such word is a tall edifice and another means to cringe. What am I?

13) I am the act of turning something inside out. Replace my first two letters with three different ones and you have a word which means to change or alter. What am I?

14) I am a protective outer layer. My first three letters is one of your anatomical references. What am I?

15) I am anger and if you remove my first letter I become a word which means to grow old. What am I?

16) I am a spiritual being but if you switch my last two letters around I become a viewpoint or a turn which is measured in degrees. What am I?

17) I was a ruler of Rome. Remove my first three letters then adda new one and you have a word which means ruler. Who am I?

18) I am a word which means to bewilder or perplex. You can get lost in my last four letters. What am I?

19) I am given to criminals who are caught and taken to court (if found guilty). Add one letter to me and I become intelligent. What am I?

20) I am a charged subatomic particle. Remove my first letter and you turn me ________. What am I?

21) I am the basis for every language. My first five letters means the beginning. What am I?

22) I am a very large reptile. Remove my last two letters and add six and you have the man who created the fundamental formula for measuring the distances in a plane. Who am I?

23) I am a word which means to summon by invocation. My first three letters is an argument or evidence in opposition. What am I?

24) My last five letters is a word which means to seat oneself for riding. I am a word which means equivalent in value or effect. What am I?

25) There is no word in the English language which rhymes with me. I am edible and if you remove my first letter I become a series of mountains. What am I?

26) I am a large fortified structure. My first four letters is something used to help in healing bones. What am I?

27) I am a container which holds food for livestock. My last five letters is a negative emotion. What am I?

28) I am a country in the Mediteranean region. Remove my last letter and I am an anagram for the rear end of an animal. Many people say that I am shapedlike a boot. What am I?

29) I am a writing utensil. My first three letters is also a writing utensil. What am I?

30) Everyone you know has one of me. Change my first two letters and I become something else that everyone has. Remove my first two letters and add threeand you have something else that many people have. I am (or have been) a living thing.What am I?

This concludes the test.

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