Side Puzzles

By William F. Bultas
The answer to each of the following puzzles is a word that is made using the word side, or that includes the sound that is made by the word side. Examples: sideswipe & suicide. A number in parentheses follows each puzzle - this is the number of letters in the word. Take as much time as you need, but don't get help from anyone, or use any reference aids if you want to get a 'valid' score & ranking using the scale below. Have fun!

Number Correct                      Rank
     0-1                         Verbicidal
     2-3                          Underside
     4-5                          Backside
     6-7                          Sideways
     8-9                           Sider
    10-11                        Solvicidal      
    12-13                        Supersider
     14                           Omnisider

1. Where you are if you are sitting very close to a boxing match (8).

2. Both a snake & a missile (10).

3. A rule violation in soccer that takes place when a player is closer to the opponent's goal line than the ball at the time the ball is played (7).

4. To kill a king (8).

5. To choose (6).

6. Hair found on the face in front of both ears (9).

7. A drink made from apples (5).

8. Exterior (7).

9. Boards or metal on the exterior walls of buildings (6).

10. Where you have moved if you get out of the way to let someone pass (5).

11. Used to kill bugs (9).

12. Pertaining to the stars (8).

13. A weapon kept in a holster at the waist (7).

14. Next to (6).


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