Stickels Puzzle #24
There are five books side by side on a shelf. Their colors are gold, orange, brown, pink, and gray. The following information is known about the order of the books:

1. The orange book is immediately between the gray book and the pink book.

2. The gold book is not first and the pink book is not last.

3. The brown book is separated from the pink book by two books.

If the gold book is not next to the brown book, what is the order from first to last of the five books?

Gray, brown, pink, orange, gold
Gray, brown, orange, pink, gold
Brown, gray, orange, pink, gold
Brown, gray, pink, orange, gold
Pink, brown, gray, gold, orange
Gray, gold, pink, orange, brown
Orange, gold, gray, pink, brown
Brown, gray, gold, pink, orange
There is more than one possible answer
Not possible. The gold book must be next to the brown book

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