Synonymous Synonym Puzzles

By William F. Bultas

Each of the following puzzles consists of a list of six words. You must decide which two of the words in each list are most similar in meaning. Some of the puzzles use obscure words, or obscure definitions. Example: Did you know that one of the meanings of the word NICE is "minutely accurate"? You have done quite well if you can answer six or more of these problems correctly, & if you answer more then ten correctly, you get an A+ on this quiz. You are a true ambulating lexicon if you get more than fifteen of the problems right! When you're ready to check them, you'll find the answers on this page.

1. wing fatalistic pungle pennon knish tenuto

2. free divest jugate chape squalid filar

3. scurrilous congener gaggle magneton cluster junta

4. gift eparchy cine exsiccate unlade dry

5. repast disclimax cupule amorous lovesome portative

6. telepathy expressive revulsion epazote restoral withdrawal

7. polyclonal harken cushat echoing syzygy resonant

8. refute flapper miter lithic uptake comprehension

9. muleta laical programmed postlude secular withy

10. redeem fulfill massacre idealize perpetuate brant

11. cushy mechanistic encumber clog nervous mouton

12. einkorn crikey harrow slog torment lien

13. efficacious subserve stream freshet rifle formant

14. hirsute extended cycadeoid measly lingo hairy

15. long righteous supersubstantial criollo gibbous sesquipedalian

16. letch ineffable mescal hydrosere taboo dodder

17. Aymara Polabian Sukkoth Dionysus Bacchus Ceres

18. naught vibrissa match paragon sudser repulse

19. russet neomycin erudite monish warn squaw

20. matte maneuver sterling demarche proboscis volant


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