Test Your I.Q.

By William F. Bultas

This "I.Q. test" is for fun only - don't take your score too seriously! There is no time limit, but you should try to finish the test in one session. You'll need to use scratch paper and a pen or pencil, or notepad or some similar program on your computer to write down your answers. It is ok to use a calculator, dictionary, and anything else that you think will help, but if you want to rank yourself with the scale below, don't get help from other people. Add a few points to your score if you are under age 18, or if English is not your primary language. Click here when you are ready to see the answers.

Number Correct                 IQ and Rank
     0-2                   IQ   0 - IQ 90 Below Average
     3-5                   IQ  90 - IQ  110 Average
     6-7                   IQ 110 - IQ  130 Superior
     8-9                   IQ 130 - IQ  140 Gifted
    10-11                  IQ 140 - IQ  150 Highly Gifted
    12-14                  IQ 150+ Genius

For the first 5 problems, replace the ? with the next step in the series:

1. 28 25 21 16 ?

2. 84 43 1 ?

3. 5 6 7 8 8 8 8 8 ?

4. 14 82 56 130 62 52 ?


For problems 6-10, 2 words are outside of a set of brackets with spaces. Each of the words on the outside is a synonym of a word that can be made by filling in the blanks in the brackets. A word can be made for the word on the left of the brackets, and a different one can be made for the word on the right of the brackets. The 2 words that can be made are homophones of one another. That is, they sound the same, but are different in spelling and meaning. Example:

Birds (---L) Disgusting

The answers are FOWL and FOUL.

6. Fly (-O--) Tender

7. Bucket (-A--) Wan

8. Drill (-O--) Peasant

9. Wail (---L) Globe

10. Passageway (-L--) Floated

11. Orgm lif sca means "work all day."

Habba sca flib means "car does work."

Flib clop orgm means "all she does."

What words would you use to say: "Does she work?" The order that you place the words in is unimportant - you only need to find the correct words to use.

12. "Tenth letter ambulation" most likely means the same as what?

13. There are 2 identical strings. If you light one of the strings at its end, it will take exactly one hour for it to finish burning completely. The string will not burn evenly - it is thicker in some places, thinner in others. For example, the string may not be half consumed exactly 30 minutes from lighting it at one end. You have no other means of telling time, and you want to know when exactly 45 minutes have passed. All that you have is a lighter and these 2 identical strings. What is the most accurate method you can use, given these conditions?

14. What does the following mean?

	g  S  	     R 	i


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