Test Your Verbal I.Q.

By William F. Bultas

This "I.Q. test" is for fun only - don't take your score too seriously! There is a 10 minute time limit, and you will need a stopwatch or other timer, and a piece of scratch paper or something similar to write down your answers, or you can print this test out, and underline your answers. Don't use any reference aids when taking this test, and add a few points to your score if you are under age 18, or if English is not your primary language. Click here when you are ready to see the answers.

In each of these 20 problems, underline the two words that are most similar in meaning, or write them on your scratch paper. Guess if you are not sure of the answer. Get ready...


1. ambulate ambuscade walk run

2. confluence foresight prescience recumbent

3. cynic faultfinder pessimist stoic

4. confessor dumulcent gallate priest

5. glissade moorhen relucent shining

6. glucose meager pennon sugar

7. chill furbelow predict vaticinate

8. demission exorbitant jeepney resignation

9. axiom consanguinity maxim queen

10. erstwhile former hammock nonsense

11. bluff canvass debate isomerase

12. dreary epidural gloomy martyry

13. derringer edulcorate pistol preliterate

14. altitude cassia elevation papillon

15. daub endear kolkhoz plaster

16. anserine clement sandbag stun

17. blue burg cerulean cordate

18. deontic entwined hebetate obligatory

19. howdah irreal littoral seashore

20. conidium debacle disk planchet


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