Associate This!

By Bill Bultas
Want a little challenge? These word association puzzles should provide that, and hopefully be fun for you. For each puzzle, choose the item from the three options given that is most clearly associated, either directly or indirectly, with the item on the left in bold print. Example:

Homer : A. Rome B. Simpson C. Run

The best answer would be B. because Homer Simpson is a well known cartoon character. The next 20 problems will in a few cases be a bit more difficult, and require different kinds of thinking. Answer 10 or more of them correct, and you have proven that you're pretty smart; 15 or more and my hat would be off to you, if I were wearing one; 18 or more, and you are either some kind of genius, or very lucky! When you are finished taking the quiz, click here to see the answers.

1. pillory : A. execution B. payment C. punishment

2. harbenger : A. arometherapy B. late arriver C. Trojan Horse

3. The First : A. My Everything B. My Second C. My Best

4. Special Forces : A. red cap B. black cap C. green beret

5. Maiden : A. Mike Tyson B. Lou Ferrigno C. Hulk Hogan

6. ...makes me stronger : A. Socrates B. Nietzche C. Nobel

7. Mensa : A. Carrera B. Jeremy C. Weigel

8. Nile : A. South America B. Jewel C. Frasier

9. Barney : A. George B. Mike C. Fred

10. Milli Vanilli : A. impromptu B. lip-synch C. Val Kilmer

11. garage : A. sun B. bake C. star

12. red : A. Shatner B. Kelley C. Nichols

13. Sosa : A. Cardinals B. Cubs C. Orioles

14. Hoyle : A. cards B. chess C. basketball

15. OPEC : A. oil B. coal C. asphalt

16. jelly beans : A. Clinton B. Johnson C. Reagan

17. teller : A. 5000 B. cookie C. chef

18. widget : A. Benjamin Franklin B. George Washington C. John Doe

19. Flipper : A. Oklahoma B. Boise C. Miami

20. Y2K : A. bug B. insect C. beetle


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