The Test You Really Should Try

By Thomas A. Smith Jr.

Introduction: This test was originally designed as a prototype for a high IQ entrance exam. Unfortunately, due to the level of difficulty and the esoteric nature of some of the questions I have decided to retire this endeavor and offer the test as a power test excercise. The answers are provided on a separate page.

Directions:  The rules are quite simple.  As with most of my tests, there is no time limit.  You may use any reference materials (calculators, literature, etc) but you may not discuss the test with others.  When you've thoroughly drained your brain check your answers here.  

ANALOGIES (ex. boy : girl :: man : woman)

1)   telepathy : obsession :: telekinesis : ?

2)   head : cabbage :: ear : ?

3)   small bird : dodo :: horse/zebra : ?

4)   25151871169182220 : 1119261526123 :: phalanx : ?

5)   simultaneous : 71 :: AAAIIEEE! : ?

6)   plumed serpent : Quetzlcoatl :: sunbathing omniscient shapechanger (HANG ON FOR YOUR LIFE) : ?

7)   1996TL66 : Jupiter :: decennium : ?

8)   apple : core :: blackhole : ?

9)   re-  un-  -ism : fix :: "agony"   "pain"  "like better" : ?

10) garrulous : prenatal :: laconic : ?

11) empiricism : Aristotelian :: egotism : ?

12) Taoism awakens prophetic theatrics drowning indeed definitively honey-dew-eatin' definitions obliteration saturations : four :: Your name is Matsika Ujimbo : ?



20004100000002100100000020  0302030302


14)  Below there are 36 numbers.  Assuming that any three of the numbers may be drawn at random, what is the probability (to the nearest percent) that three numbers will be drawn whose sum equals 15?


15)  Imagine that you have two standard radial clocks one of which operates efficiently and normally and one that has been completely modified.   Note first that the hands of the altered clock operate independently (meaning that they have no effect on each other) except where otherwise stated.  The modified clock operates in such a fashion that the second hand moves clockwise twice as fast as normal, the minute hand moves counterclockwise at normal speed and the hour hand moves counterclockwise by one minute increments per every twelve minutes ONLY.  However, for whatever reason the second hand will manage to draw the minute hand clockwise one minute every 90 minutes (standard time).  This will subsequently affect the hour hand every 60 minutes (altered time) or 90 minutes (standard time).  Both clocks are synchronized at 12:00 AM. What time will the standard clock read when all three hands on the altered clock are in perfect alignment? Only alignments that occur after the minute hand has begun to move count (e.g. the starting point at which the clocks are aligned and 30 seconds after the clocks have started to move are not valid answers) .

This concludes the test.

Check your answers here.

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