Vocabulary Test

By William F. Bultas
Some of the students in Mr. Joshua's class have submitted incorrect definitions to the words on a vocabulary test. See if you can figure out what the 20 words were by studying the flawed definitions. The number that follows the definition is the number of letters in the word. When you're finished, you can use the scale below to rank yourself. Because some of the words are quite obscure, you are encouraged to use a good dictionary & any other resources. The answers are linked at the end of the test. Have fun!

Number Correct                 Vocabulary
     0-2                         Minute
     3-5                         Meager
     6-8                         Average
     9-10                         Large
    11-12                         Huge
    13-15                        Immense      
    16-18                        Massive
    19-20                       Enormous!

1. A constantly roaming individual who is never angry (5).

2. A guy who wears a Scottish cap (9).

3. A cursed strongbox (9).

4. Falsely causing sweat (9).

5. Very small plants & animals in an area (5).

6. To put back into sets of two (6).

7. The right to drop anchor (8).

8. To drug an encased explosive (8).

9. An animal that excretes a fluid used in some writing tools (4).

10. The desire of an ill-tempered woman (8).

11. An insect that makes prolonged musical sounds (6).

12. To simultaneously avoid & pursue (5).

13. To shoot at someone from the bushes (9).

14. A fish that tastes like an onion (7).

15. To get back in bed (5).

16. Someone from planet Trif (8).

17. The helmet that is worn by riot police (6).

18. The amount, but in pennies only (7).

19. To construct a hill of sand (8).

20. A friend of two friends (5).


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